“The number one goal for me in my business is integrity. Our company brand stands for honesty, quality, and doing our best work at each project.”

~Andrew Finney


Finney and Sons’ commitment to honesty, integrity and quality starts with our founder, Andrew Finney. He has built a team that embraces this vision as well. Satisfied customers and providing the best service in our industry is the goal of each and every member of the Finney & Sons Construction family.

Meet the Finneys

Andrew Finney founded the company after working for large roofing and restoration companies in the Indianapolis area for many years. He grew up in a small town, working on the family farm where he learned his dedicated work ethic and family values. Andrew’s wife, Sarah, has her masters in social work and works in a local hospital emergency room. Their two sons, Luke and Noah, are the namesakes of our company, though it will be a while until they can help their dad.


The Team

Some in the industry don’t have the same goals or the commitment to their customers first.
It’s unique to Andrew. The ensuing trust he builds with clients is evident.

Every member of the Finney and Sons Construction Team prides themselves on meeting Andrew’s high expectations. “Andrew makes sure we know how to make quality and honesty our goals with customers,” says team member William Moore. “He teaches us why he wants to instill those values in the workplace. As a result we trust him, and have a better understanding of quality work.”

According to Andrew, “I’m pretty demanding of what I expect of my employees. They must communicate with our customers that we stand by our promise to be the best in our industry. And then they must follow through on that promise at every job.”

While our main office is in Eminence, we have team members in strategically placed satellite offices around Greater Indianapolis: Northwest (William Moore), Northeast (Mark Carson), and Southwest (Andrew Finney – main office).