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Insurance Claims

As every Hoosier knows, the Midwest is home to severe weather. If your home suffers storm damage, you may be inclined to reach out to your insurance company to make a claim. It is important to understand that not all storm damage results in a valid insurance claim.

Submitting a false insurance claim can lead to your policy being dropped

The Finney and Sons Construction Team is experienced in handling insurance claims, and can offer solid advice on how to manage your storm damage. We begin with a free inspection to determine if you have a valid claim. If so, we can assist you through the entire insurance claim process and do the repair work on your home at no extra cost to you.

Five Steps for Handling Insurance Claims for Storm Damage

1. Call Finney and Sons Construction for a free inspection and claims assessment.
2. Once you have your inspection results, call your insurance company to file the claim.
3. Let Finney and Sons know when the insurance adjustor is coming to inspect your property. We will meet them on your property to go through your claim, acting as your representative. We have built solid relationships with local adjusters so they are comfortable working with us on your behalf.
4. When you receive the claim paperwork from your insurance company, we will review it with you to explain the details and what your insurance covers and what it does not. At that time we will also discuss all of your options for making your home whole again.
5. Make your home whole again by professionally completing the repairs needed to your home.

Helping you through this process is part of our commitment to complete customer satisfaction and costs you nothing. There are no contracts signed until you know what your insurance covers. We are confident that at the end of the process, you will choose us to help you with your storm damage repair needs.